Welcome to Unnayan International

Unnayan International started it’s endeavor in Cox’s Bazar, the Tourist town of Bangladesh, in 1984. At the beginning it’s extent were small. But in course of time the organization was settled on firm ground under the effective and fore sighting leadership of it’s proprietor Mr. Md. Atiqul Islam. The pathway to come to this level was never smooth. Unnayan had to overcome many external challenges in regular interval. However, no challenges could be able to retard it’s gradual progress. Unnayan International is moving forward in a nonstop speed.

 Unnayan International has gathered experiences of implementing of numerous projects with success in it’s long 30 years endeavor. In completing those projects, Unnayan always followed some principles strictly. Unnayan was rigid to remain within the limit of law, maintain the required quality and keep a trustworthy business relation with all stakeholders in completing each project. As a result, Unnayan could be able to achieve the reputation of a reliable construction firm to the Government Agencies, Consultants, Donor Organizations, Banks, Suppliers, JVCA partners and to all other parties.

Unnayan International has established a unique staff and resource management system in it’s own style. Consequently, Unnayan requires minimum resources and lowest time in completing a project and it remains utmost devoting mentality of the staffs up to the end of the projects what made Unnayan different from such other many firms.

Therefore, in one hand, Unnayan is achieving maximum profit from almost each of the projects and on the other hand, Unnayan is continuously playing a big role in the infrastructure development and employment market of the country regularly. For the reason, Unnayan is also receiving recognition from the government and the different non-government organizations regularly from the last few years. As an example, it can be mentioned that Unnayan’s Proprietor Mr. Atiqul Islam is achieving rewards every year as a highest Tax Payer from the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Bangladesh from the first time since it it’s initiation in 2008.

Now Unnayan International took a initiative to increase it’s organizational capacity to another level by applying it’s gathered experience and set a goal to invest in wide range in larger infrastructure development projects and also venture into new domain in infrastructure space like real state by the next few years. To do that Unnayan has also taken initiative to build up communication and relation with many large overseas construction firms so that it can exchange experiences and can establish project based joint in venture time. However, Unnayan is not willing to be stopped after only achieving the goal. You can also use top 10 pc speakers under 50 at pcspeakersreviews.com.Computer speakers Unnayan also has the ambition to extend its working place in International level in near future.