Proprietor message

Dear all

I had the opportunity to have a good idea about construction from my early age by the source of my father’s contracting business. Later with the name “Unnayan International”, I myself started construction business at my very young age. The target was to take part in infrastructure development and creating new employment opportunities in the country besides self-employment. By the very beginning, Unnayan was a small initiative. But gradually Unnayan became a big firm from that small state and Unnayan is playing a role in developing infrastructures and creating numerous employments continuously. To me such a success of Unnayan in achieving it’s goal is very pleasing.

Construction business is always challenging. It is required to implement works overcoming numerous challenges in new sites located in infrastructurally least developed and undeveloped areas.  But Unnayan and it’s workers never give up in front of any challenges. The endless courage, restless labor and utmost sincerity of the Unnayn’s workforce played a key role in achieving the success. I thank them.

Unnayan always try to collect and adopt new technology in its work. Unnayan is also careful to maintain a good relation with the stakeholders always. As a proprietor of Unnayan I like to express my gratitude to the all our stakeholders for their valuable professional and extra professional support.

Unnayan has been rewarded by the governmentally and non- governmentally different times. Those rewards always inspire was to do good and quality work.

Unnayan International has set the goal to invest in the big construction projects and to invest in new domains of businesses for next few years. I feel the need to increase organizational capacity, more use of modern sophisticated technologies, and the dedication to achieve the goal. I hope the team Unnayan will work with spontaneous co-operation as same as it did before will create more new success stories in future.

Thank u all.